How To Add a Live Chat Support Widget on Blogger Free

If you are running a blog on which, you provide tech. Guides then there may be chances that your readers may not be able to apply your guides. And at that time, your visitor wants to chat with you to get the proper solution. There is a large number of the website available across the web which providing chatting plugin for blogs or WordPress either for free or charging some monthly fees.

I have tried almost half dozen of plugins (both free or paid) for my blog and noticed that no one is providing the proper features to satisfy my needs. And then I came across the Getsitecontrol plugin that not entirely but providing almost all the features that I wanted to get on my blogger blog.

Why you also should use Getsitecontrol?

  1.  No need any coding knowledge. Just copy and paste the code to embed plugin to your website.
  2. When you are not online then, a small email subscription box will be displayed. So that, you can collect the email addresses of your readers quickly.
  3. Automatic online/offline status, when you log into your control panel and navigate to chat section, then Chat widget will automatically switch to the 'online' status.
  4. No sign up required: You readers need not be signed up to chat with you.
  5. Mobile responsive: Chat widget will be customized as per the width of the device of your visitors for free, fast, and high performance in real time.

 How to Add Live chat widget on your blog?

  1.  First of all, create a free account. Live chat
  2. Now, on your GetSiteControl Dashboard. Navigate to site setting > install and then copy and paste all the code just above the closing </body> tag on your blogger template.
  3. Now navigate to getitecontrol dashboard  (just click on the Dashboard, located at the top left hand side upper corner).
  4. And there you will find a drop down menu. Just hit on that and then select Chat option.
  5. And now on appearance tab, just select position option and then hit on ok. 
  6. And, a pop box will appear like below just click on Activate and you are done. That's it.

Now go back to your blog or site and get ready to chat with your visitors in real time.

Wrapping Up

Live chat widget is one of the most important part of a blog or website where you are selling digital items or running an ecommerce site. So that you can easily communicate with your customers and convert your first time visitor into a long time customer or subscriber.

With this live chat tool, I was able to get more than 900 subscriber in the month of November 2015. By which I was made 450$ (not too much but enough) with my tech. blog Hugestreet.

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If you have any question in mind or unable to install this widget then comment below. I love to answer your question.

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